Walter Matia

b. 1953

Walter Matia


Cleveland, Ohio


Wildlife sculpture-birds and sporting dogs, fountains

Maryland-based wildlife sculptor Walter Matia, born in 1953, got an early start at paying attention to creatures that soar, crawl or hide in the grass.  He was raised near a wooded park in a Cleveland suburb and says his boyhood days were filled with “bird-watching, botanizing, log flipping and collecting.” As an avid duck hunter, he has experienced “a lifetime of icy mornings, blistered feet, mosquitoes, torrid afternoons, chapped hands, wonderful dinners and the companionship of great and knowledgeable friends”all of which he eventually translated into his art.

Matia’s early artistic leanings were encouraged by his parents and teachers. Art museums were a familiar part of life.

Sold At Lone Star Art Auction

Walter Matia – Pointer and Setter
Walter Matia
(b. 1953)

Pointer and Setter

bronze, 26/48
9 x 6 x 5 inches
Sold for: $2,400
Walter Matia – The Old Guard
Walter Matia
(b. 1953)

The Old Guard

, 2012
bronze, 6/24
12.5 x 19.5 x 5.5 inches
Sold for: $4,500
Walter Matia
(b. 1953)

Covey Rise

, 2007
18.75 x 30 x 10.5 inches
Sold for: $6,000