W. Steve Seltzer

b. 1945



Genre often nostalgic and landscape painting


Steve Seltzer, William Steve Seltzer

Painter Steve Seltzer grew up with the influence of his grandfather’s, O.C. Seltzer’s, western artwork, and has always held an interest in art. This influence is apparent even in Steve Seltzer’s earliest pieces, which often feature western subject matter. It was not until the mid-70’s, after graduating from Montana State University and working in the architectural and real estate fields, that he decided to concentrate on his passion for painting.

With this decision to become a full time painter, Seltzer and his wife moved to Southern California where he shared his enthusiasm and his studio with brother-in-law and fellow artist Dan McCaw. In California, he studied with well-known Russian artist Sergei Bongart whose impressionistic influences as well as McCaw’s and fellow artist Don Putman, inspired him to experiment with subjects outside the Western theme, such as reflected light on the sea and sand.