Robert Daughters

1929 – 2013

Robert Daughters


Trenton, Missouri


Expressionist western landscape, figure and genre painting

Daughters has enjoyed a long and distinguished career. For over thirty years he has celebrated the landscapes and cultures of the Southwest in his expressive paintings. Over the years a distinctive style has emerged in his work: bold brush strokes and combined light and dark colors in compositions that are painstakingly designed and executed.

During a 1953 visit to Taos, Daughters discovered the beauty and light of the area. He and his family made their move to Santa Fe in 1970, then to Taos in 1972. In years prior to moving, he became a partner in a highly successful advertising art studio in Kansas City, Missouri. During those seventeen years, he won numerous awards from the National Society of Art Directors, the Artist Guide, paper companies, and other organizations in like fields.