Morgan Weistling

b. 1964



Genre and figure painter, illustrator

Known for realistic figurative paintings of adults and children in antique settings, Morgan Weistling was raised in Southern California.  He learned to draw from his father and was strongly encouraged by his mother who researched art schools for her son.  She determined that a small school in Resuda run by Fred Fixler was the best because Fixler used the old time, classical methods of traditional realism.  Weistling credits Fixler with teaching him how to paint with effective methods of lighting.

For fourteen years, he worked as an illustrator of movie posters. His artist hero is Richard Schmid whom he calls a “pure artist.”

Sold At Lone Star Art Auction

Morgan Weistling – Alice
Morgan Weistling
(b. 1964)


oil on canvas
36 x 25 inches
Sold for: $16,800