Joe Rader Roberts




Houston, Texas


Genre-frontier Indian, landscape

Joe Rader Roberts (1925-1982)

Born in Lockhart, Texas, he found work after graduation from high school as a commercial artist.

After serving in the Merchant Marines from 1943-1945 he enrolled in the California School of Fine Arts in San Francisco.  In 1949 he married and moved back to Houston, working as a commercial artist painting illustrations on store fronts of various businesses.

His passion for the historic frontier drew him to the fine arts and he became a full time artist painting scenes of the early West.

Roberts is best known for his western narrative paintings.
His son, Gary Lynn Roberts, is also a noted Western artist.

Sold At Lone Star Art Auction

Joe Rader Roberts
(1925 – 1982)

Cold Jerky

oil on canvas
22 x 28 inches
Sold for: $2,700