Harry Anthony De Young




Chicago, Illinois


Landscape, genre and portrait painting, murals


Anthony De Young, Harry Anthony Deyoung

Harry Anthony DeYoung was a landscape, figure, genre, and portrait painter, muralist, draftsman and teacher. He studied with Edward John Lake and John W. Norton at the University of Illinois, Urbana, and taught art classes for children in Chicago from 1914-1916. He was an honor student in 1917 at the Art Institute of Chicago, where he studied with F. de Forrest Schook and John Warner Norton.

In Texas, the artist founded and directed the De Young Painting Camp in the Davis Mountains. Recognition of his work in 1925 won him the Fine Arts Building Purchase Prize of $500 at the Art Institute of Chicago and honorable mention in landscape painting at the American Artists Exhibition of Chicago. In 1927 he received honorable mention at the Chicago Galleries Association. In the Edgar B. Davis Competitive Exhibition in San Antonio in 1928 he won the member prize of $200.