Harry Curieux Adamson

1916 – 2012

Harry Curieux Adamson


Seattle, Washington


Wildlife, waterfowl, landscape and animal painting

Harry Curieux Adamson (1916-2012) was a renowned wildlife artist known for his stunning portrayals of waterfowl. Born in Seattle, Washington, his passion for nature was cultivated during his childhood on his family’s California farm.

Adamson’s artistic talent was nurtured by studies under sculptor and wildlife photographer Paul J. Fair. He developed a lifelong fascination with birds, especially ducks and geese, observing over 116 species in their natural habitat. This deep connection is evident in his detailed and lifelike paintings.

Adamson wasn’t just an artist; he was a dedicated conservationist. A founding member of the Mt. Diablo Audubon Society, he donated many of his works to support wildlife causes. His paintings have been exhibited internationally in prestigious venues like the Smithsonian Art Museum in Washington, D.C. and the British Museum in London. He received recognition as the first California Waterfowl Association Artist of the Year and the 1979 Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year.

Harry Adamson’s legacy lives on through his art, which continues to inspire appreciation for the beauty and importance of wildlife.