Grandma Moses




Greenwich, New York


Naive landscape and rural genre naive painting


Anna Mary Robertson (Grandma Moses) Moses, Anna Mary Robertson

In 1961, when the American farm wife Anna Mary Robertson Moses, known as Grandma Moses died, she was 101 and world-famous. Born a year before the Civil War, she was in her seventies when she taught herself to paint. And in her eighties when she became a superstar.

There are also paintings of sleigh rides, picnics and quilting bees, all laden with nostalgia for an idealized American way of life that, to this day, is still defined by such pictures. The same can be said of the highly trained illustrator Norman Rockwell, who has recently been rethought and revived.

Sold At Lone Star Art Auction

Grandma Moses – We Have All Gone Sledding
Grandma Moses
(1860 – 1961)

We Have All Gone Sledding

, 1943
oil with glitter on pressed board
8 x 14 inches
Sold for: $31,200