Ancel Nunn




Seymour, Texas


Figure and landscape with structures painting

Born in Seymour, Texas, Ancel Nunn began drawing at age 12. He added to his early art education through summer workshops under noted artists such as Dong Kingman and Alexander Hogue. In 1944 his dry point etching, The Domino Players, won Honorable Mention in the prestigious Ingersoll Competition.

Nunn graduated from high school in Abilene in 1946. He entered the U.S. Army in 1947, spending several different active duty periods and attaining the rank of Major. During this period he did little or no painting. In 1964 he was again released from the army and at that time committed himself to becoming a professional artist. In that year he set up a studio in Palestine, Texas. A decade later he established Morningtown Studio, where he began to produce superb lithographs. Nunn left a meticulous record of his art business which is now housed at the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History in Austin.